Why Choose Us?


Project quality is not only based on the quality materials, appropriate skills and equipment. To achieve optimum outcomes it is essential to programme tasks correctly with special attention to junctions between different products. The leaky building fiasco has highlighted the potential for major component failures to occur where poor detailing between excellent products has been the key issue. To achieve a weather tight house it is essential the main contractor has a comprehensive knowledge of building products being used and the areas where special care will be required. Our experience doing remedial repairs has focused our attention on danger zones and resulted in us working with industry experts to develop systems and techniques to overcome weather tightness issues.


To us cost is about value for money - not the cheapest square metre rate or full price contract, both of which can easily be manipulated depending on what is covered.

We know that without flash vehicles, high profile offices, advertising campaigns and so on, our overheads are lower than our competitors, so we can charge our clients less without risking business solvency.

Cost Reimbursement with completely transparent accounting ensures our clients know exactly what they are paying for each itemized product or service. There are no hidden margins, commissions or volume rewards.

Variations and extras which often result in budget blowouts are much more easily dealt with because all parties have a clearer understanding of costs.


New Homes

Being a Platinum Business member of Certified Builders enables us to offer an independent Home First Guarantee. (For full details contact us)

Home First is a “peace of mind “guarantee that only trade qualified members of Certified Builders are able to offer.

Remedial repairs and Re-Clads

Selected members of Certified builders with suitable experience doing remedial repairs are now able to offer a Watertight Warranty. (For full details contact us)

Track Record

We have deliberately sought challenging projects and then demonstrated high productivity and high quality resulting in high customer satisfaction.

While we maintain these standards we know we will never need to fund an advertising budget, so we rely on our track record for “word of mouth” referrals to maintain a competitive advantage. Our philosophy is that we are better to make an extra effort ensuring current clients are happy rather trying to find new ones.

We continue to seek challenging projects to add to the long list of complex buildings we have completed on difficult sites.